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NE International GmbH reliably implements structural fire protection. We work nationally and internationally with first-class partners. Benefit from our highly qualified team. We are looking for the right fire protection solutions.

Digital documentation

We provide comprehensive digital documentation of all actions taken (using AutoCAD in DWG file format in blueprints or fire plans, Excel spreadsheets, digital photography, etc.)


  • Firestop
  • Penetration seals (pipes and cables)
  • Installation of cable boxes
  • Through penetrations



  • Board cladding of steel girders and columns, building trusses
  • Load-bearing and stiffening walls and columns
  • Dry construction or construction of partition walls

Joint sealing

  • Fire protection joints
  • Partitioning of component joints
  • Construction joints



  • Protective board cladding for ceilings made of wood, trapezoidal sheet metal or solid construction materials
  • Construction of suspended ceilings

Board cladding

  • Board cladding or partition wall
    construction of installation shafts
    and sewers, suspended ceilings
    and underfloor ducts
  • Installation of fire protected service access
  • Partitioning of electrical installation ducts for functional integrity

Fire protected conjunctions

  • Installation of fire protected conjunctions
  • self-closing smoke-tight, fire-resistant doors (fire doors) e.g. in necessary corridors and stairwells