Conergy SmartConnect

Generator junction box

Conergy SmartConnect

Generator junction box with 8 string connections

for photovoltaic systems with central inverters


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Made in Germany

Smart terminal box with guaranteed durability and featuring the innovative RealProtect protection concept

Advantages at a glance

  • Smart string monitoring
  • Innovative protection concept

In the Conergy SmartConnect, individual module strings are bundled and safely routed to the Conergy IPG central inverter. Conergy SmartConnect is a combination of an exact, well-organised string monitoring system and a safety concept adapted to the PV technology.

Novel string monitoring system
Conergy SmartConnect monitors the output of up to eight individual inputs. The yields of all individual module strings are stored centrally by the new Conergy SmartControl analysis and control system and correlated to stored setpoints. If difference between string outputs is too large, the operator is informed. Active disconnection allows string voltages to be measured separately.

Innovative protection concept
The innovative RealProtect protection concept by Conergy replaces conventional fuses. This ensures all-round protection for modules and the photovoltaic system as a whole. In comparison with conventional string fuses, RealProtect offers the following advantages:

  • Fixed tripping threshold
  • Current and voltage dependent disconnection
  • Remote disconnection and reconnection
  • Different tripping characteristics for forward and reverse current
  • No ageing of fuses
  • Surge voltage protection

Durability guaranteed
Conergy SmartConnect is enclosed in an IP 65 rated stainless steel housing, making it ideal for long-term use in PV systems. In addition, the direct connection between the strings and the spring clamp connectors ensures a durable and safe installation.

Product name:

Conergy Smart Connect



Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm:

610 x 540 x 185



Number of DC inputs:


Protection type and class:

IP 65 / I

Enabling function:

Manual, automatic


CANopen (via CAN distributor)