Conergy CIS 1200

Central inverter station

Conergy CIS 1200

Central inverter station 1200 kW

for solar parks



Conergy SmartConnect

Voltwerk SmartConnect

Made in Germany

The over seven meter long Conergy CIS Central Inverter Station is delivered at the solar park construction site completely preconfigured and is immediately ready for use. The type tested station for large solar parks up to the megawatt class already contains all components required for operation – from the inverters to the transformer and switching systems to the monitoring systems.

High yields in practical use

  • Outstanding peak system efficiency of up to 98.2 %
  • High-quality equipment with latest inverter technology from the Conergy IPG C Series

Permanently reliable operation and long service life

  • Complete station type tested
  • Optimised ventilation concept for reliable operation

Planning flexibility

  • Modular design: available in the output classes 400 kW to 1.2 MW, staggered in 100-kW steps
  • Complies with all relevant European standards, directives and guidelines (including German Medium-Voltage Guideline)

Easy to install

  • Fully integrated inverter station including medium-voltage transformer, ventilation and monitoring system
  • Minimal planning, transport and installation effort


Preconfigured complete system
The interconnections of the individual components have been pre-tested without exception. Connections, links, the comprehensive protection system and the certified ventilation and filter concept are ready for immediate use. Local planning and installation effort and expense are therefore reduced to a fraction with the Conergy complete solution.

Custom tailored final product thanks to flexible combination
In the station made of weatherproof concrete, the new generation of Conergy IPG C central inverters are used. Conergy will offer the complete solution with a rated output of 400 kW to 1.2 MW. As a result, the customer is provided with a final product exactly tailored to meet its needs and requirements – with a maximum performance and top reliability thanks to exactly matched system technology.

Conergy CISs confirm with European directives
Like the new Conergy IPG C central inverters, the central inverter station also complies with all currently applicable European standards and directives for smooth commissioning.

Product name:

Conergy CIS 1200



Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm:

2980 x 2980 x 6980



Rated power (Pac, r):



Medium voltage transformer

Max. Efficiency:


Max. (Vdcmax) / Min. DC input voltage (Vdcmin):

1000V / 530V

Max. (Vmppmax) / Min. MPP voltage (Vmppmin):

800V / 530V

Number of DC inputs:

4 per inverter

Protection type:

IP 54 or IP 43 (according to EN 60529)

Protection / Safety:

Ground fault monitoring, overvoltage protection