Universal fire-resistant sealant


Universal fire-resistant sealant


One-component elastoplastic sealant for the fire protection closure or sealing of component joints and for the partitioning of single pipes according to german legal rule "LAR".

Proven in the structural fire protection of industrial, tunnel and power plants.


Made in Germany

Universal fire-resistant sealant for sealing joints (≤ 30mm) in the connection area between fire-resistant components and within these components (connection joints, expansion joints, construction joints). Seals between different materials (e.g., concrete, steel, masonry, plasterboard, etc.) are possible.

Single-component sealant for sealing (annular gap) of individual cables according to LAR (individual electrical cables ≤ 50mm, non-combustible pipes ≤ 160mm, combustible pipes ≤ 32mm external diameter).

When properly executed, NETENDO® prevents the passage of fire and smoke according to the respective protection class of the component concerned. Permissible backfill material is non-combustible mineral wool (melting point ≥ 1,000 ° C) or construction products of at least building material class B2 (joint tape, polystyrene rigid foam).

NETENDO® can be conveniently processed directly from the film tube using a caulking gun. Surfaces can be smoothed with a water-wetted spatula.

When used indoors, NETENDO® (own color: light gray) may be provided with a dispersion paint coating (DIN EN 13300).

Polymer dispersion with mineral fillers, additives and water. Free from halogens, heavy metals, solvents, formaldehyde and silicone.

Product name:

NETENDO® Universal fire-resistant sealant


NE International GmbH

Shipping Unit:

12 x 600ml


light gray


1.510 – 1.710 kg/m³


400.000 mPas ± 85.000 mPas

pH value:

7-8 ± 0,5


85,5% ± 1%

Shore hardness A:

40 ± 1,0

Shear strength:

1,9 N/mm² ± 0,2

Adhesive strength to concrete:

0,89 N/mm² ± 0,2

Working temperature:

ab 5°C

Storage temperature:

ab 5°C

Clean the surface

The surfaces in or on which NETENDO® is applied must be stable, free of dust and grease.


  • Construction products of at least building material class B2 according to DIN 4102-1 or
  • Mineral wool non-combustible mineral fiber products, density ≥ 80kg / m³

Material that is in the joint can remain in it, provided that the required amount of NETENDO®, which results from the existing joint width and the required fire resistance time, can be introduced (see AbZ Z-19.23-2221, installation variant ABC).

Press NETENDO® from foil tubes with the squeegee into the joint starting at the edge, press with the spatula and fill in the remaining opening. Smooth with water-wetted spatula. Protruding material can be further processed.

NETENDO® adheres without primer on almost all surfaces. For heavily porous substrates (aerated concrete, fire protection boards) can be pre-painted with water-diluted NETENDO® (mixture 1: 5), then wet on wet.

On cured or dried NETENDO® can continue working without loss of adhesion.

It must be ensured that NETENDO® is not stored or processed at a temperature below + 5 ° C.

When used indoors, NETENDO® (own color: light gray) may be provided with a dispersion paint coating (DIN EN 13300).