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Company Profile

The NE International GmbH takes care of the production of renewable energies and preventive for life and value preserving structural fire protection. We decontaminate buildings contaminated with pollutants, so that they can continue to be used without health risks (pollutant remediation). NE International GmbH develops, finances, builds and operates commercial solar systems. This is a positive contribution to the fight against climate change.

We work nationally and internationally with first-class partners. Benefit from our highly qualified team. On request we offer an integrated full service. In addition, we sell components (inverters and accessories from Conergy and Voltwerk) for the construction of solar systems as well as products (Netendo®) for structural fire protection.

We strongly support the livelihoods of future generations and preserve the created for the future.

Business model and strategy in the field of photovoltaics

Photovoltaic power plants (solar parks)
  • Planning, implementation, handling, installation and maintenance of a large number of photovoltaic projects in Europe (especially in Germany and Lithuania)
  • Core competence: Project planning, execution and financing as well as the handling of photovoltaic projects
  • Trade in components for photovoltaic systems including customer service and technical support
Operating solar power plants
  • External solar power plants
  • Own investments


Service, Logistics,

Modules, components and
turnkey PV systems

  • System integrators
  • Project developers
  • Resellers
  • Service partners


photovoltaic power plants

Investor portfolio

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Public buildings

Lease of roof and open spaces

  • Investors
  • Funds
  • Industry
  • Own funds

Portfolio from 0.1 MWp up to several MWp

Investor Portfolios

photovoltaic power plants

Service and operation for:

  • External solar power plants
  • Own investments

Company History

The company was founded in 1999 by Jörg Niemann as Niemann Entsorgungs GmbH. Business areas were initially the renovation of asbestos-contaminated buildings and the structural fire protection. Among other things, numerous highly sensitive nuclear power plants were equipped with fire protection technology. A decades-long caretaker and refurbishment contract in one of the largest hospital buildings in Europe, the University Hospital in Aachen, was just as much a figurehead of the company as the products NEKA, NERO, NEBES and NEBES SP1, which were specially developed for fire protection.

In 2006, interest in renewable energy grew, especially in the generation of electricity using the sun (photovoltaics). Smaller systems on detached houses initially formed the start in the then still young market. NE International GmbH realizes projects in the field of renewable energies as capital investments with the highest possible safety aspects. Many years of experience in planning, assembly, construction and organization, especially in major projects in Germany and abroad contribute to a successful result.

In the meantime, NE International GmbH has grown into a globally operating photovoltaic system house.



Niemann Entsorgungs GmbH | Core business: fire protection and asbestos disposal


Expansion of business units

Renewable energy



Foundation of UAB "NE International" Lithuania


Expansion of project pipelines

Commissioning of the first PV power plants in Germany and Lithuania



Change of name in NE International GmbH